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Dream House

The first chapter of "In the Dream House" is a near-perfect dedication to the writer.

Machado Teaches

Machado teaches writing at the University of Pennsylvania and has spoken about how important it is for her students to see abusive behavior in others. The author clearly wants to make the world a better place by educating others on the issues of abuse. “Dream House” is a book that proves that genre writers can write valuable stories. The dream house has many similes. Many of the section headings compare the Dream House to literary tropes, techniques, or concepts. This helps us understand how each vignette fits into the story.


Nevelson’s “Dream House Wall II” is an ethereal, mystical composition that embodies her most important period. She is hailed by critics as an “architect of temporal substances.”


two pools

The house has two pools. One is situated on the patio and the other is suspended over it. Seeing water from both above and below is a magical experience.


The series consists of modular compositions of wall-sized pieces that interact with the surrounding space and command a lyrical presence.


The walls of the house are covered with frescos of dreams. While the home’s layout might appear crowded, it is surprisingly light and spacious.

architect's goal

The architect’s goal was to create a home that would fulfill the owner’s functional needs while allowing her family to enjoy the incredible views.


house concept

The house concept blends traditional and contemporary architecture. The interior was designed to complement the view and be comfortable and relaxing.

spacious home