If you want to design and build your own house, the first step is to contact a reputable architect.


Using scale models allows you to make design decisions that you would not otherwise make. You can try out window layouts, practice framing, and familiarize yourself with the construction process. Scale models are also a great way for kids to become involved with the construction process. Even if they don’t have any building experience, they can learn about the different types of framing and how to build a home’s frame.

Floor plans have a very practical use. They provide the basic design of a project and help the architect and builder understand where the various rooms and other details of the house are. However, a floor plan is only half the story. You also need to create interior elevations. These drawings help the builder create a three-dimensional view of the house and guide the subcontractors and craftsmen on where to place things.

floor plan

Once you have a floor plan in hand, you need to create a schedule of the different components in the building. These schedules contain information about each building component, and correspond to the numbers on the floor plan. The information in the schedule is usually quite detailed.


It is important to provide accurate floor plans so that the client understands the layout of the house before construction begins. Providing detailed plans to clients can help you avoid misunderstandings and help you close the deal faster.

While 2D floor plans are a good representation of the floor plan, it is important to provide a 3D floor plan to give a better understanding of how the rooms are laid out. As an architect, you need to provide detail to an extent that is appropriate for the structure. However, a good architect will provide details that help the contractor estimate the cost of construction.


For instance, a door schedule will have information on the size and type of door and doorframe. Another schedule will have details on windows and lighting fixtures.

Even better

Even better, she didn’t have to spend a penny! You can use leftover paint for walls and wallpaper, and bolts of fabric for curtains


Artsy Craftsy

Artsy Craftsy Mom, for example, painted her home in bold colors, wallpapered it on the inside, and added curtains for decoration.


If you’ve got children, building an Easy Playhouse with cardboard is a great way to keep them entertained for hours! Unlike the typical wooden playhouse, the cardboard version will fold flat for storage.

It’s also made of double-wall cardboard, which makes it much stronger than single-wall cardboard. The construction process is simple, but requires a few basic materials. You’ll need a box of cardboard, a knife, and a marking device.


The plan will help you cut the roof and floor of the house, along with creating doors and windows. You can even make it into a real town or ice cream parlor. The options are endless! The interior can be decorated with stickers and other items from the store.